Calender, Timekeeper, Organizer, Year Overview

The Timekeeper


Something between productivity tool, calendar, diary, year overview, time retrospect, waste time appreciator.
Studio Gianni +’s timekeeper is born out of personal desires like being more aware of time, aiming more structure, having a year overview and not having to google on which date calendar week 23 will fall.

- In times of rush we tend to forget it even passes, yet it is probably the most prestigious mystery shared by every one of us.-

Printed on 115g paper
CMYK + Pantone 877 silver
Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm)
numbered limited edition of 100.

Some background thoughts for curious people:
The colorful stroke shows the mysterious correlation between the color spectrum and the mood, temperature & nature’s appearance of the saisons.
The background color Pantone 877 is inspired by Wolfgang Ende’s book Momo, where he describes the master of time “Verwalter der Zeit” with silver hair.

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Studio Gianni +